Ratatui 0.26.2 highlights


MSRV: 1.74.0 :crab:

The minimum supported Rust version of Ratatui is updated from 1.70.0 to 1.74.0.

List: Scroll Padding :scroll:

We introduced a new method for List which allows a certain number of items be kept visible above
and below the currently selected item while scrolling.

let list = List::new(items).scroll_padding(1);
Demo of the new behavior


(visible on the left side)

Text: Construct from Iterator :building_construction:

Line and Text widgets now implement FromIterator which means you can:

  • Construct Line from an iterator of Span
let line = Line::from_iter(vec!["Hello".blue(), " world!".green()]);
let line: Line = iter::once("Hello".blue())
    .chain(iter::once(" world!".green()))
  • Construct Text from an iterator of Line
let text = Text::from_iter(vec!["The first line", "The second line"]);
let text: Text = iter::once("The first line")
    .chain(iter::once("The second line"))

Text: Push Methods :inbox_tray:

We added the following methods to the Text and Line structs:

  • Text::push_line
  • Text::push_span
  • Line::push_span

This allows for adding lines and spans to a text object without having to call methods on the fields
directly, which is useful for incremental construction of text objects.

For example:

let mut line = Line::from("Hello, ");
line.push_span(" How are you?");

Implement Widget for strings :yarn:

Widget is now implemented for &str and String, which makes it easier to render strings with no
styles as widgets.

Example usage:

terminal.draw(|f| f.render_widget("Hello World!", f.size()))?;

Span: Rename Methods :arrows_counterclockwise:

The following Span methods are renamed accordingly to the Rust method naming conventions.

Deprecated usage:

  • Span::to_centered_line
  • Span::to_left_aligned_line
  • Span::to_right_aligned_line

New usage:

  • Span::into_centered_line
  • Span::into_left_aligned_line
  • Span::into_right_aligned_line

Funding :cheese:

We are happy to share that we have received a funding donation from Radicle!

You can read about the details here.

Other :briefcase:

  • Marked various functions as const (#951)
  • Respect alignment on Line truncation (#987)
  • Don’t render scrollbar on zero length track
  • Fix panic when rendering Text out of bounds
  • Fix highlight_symbol overflow (#949)
  • Fix Scrollbar thumb not being visible on long lists
  • Ensure that paragraph correctly renders styled text
  • Applied clippy (pedantic) suggestions

And lastly, we welcome @EdJoPaTo on board as a maintainer! :partying_face: